You are going to enter some relevant information "right now" and then again next March/early April.
We assume an April to April, 12 month tracking period.  The system puts a time and date stamp on your "entry" and you can fill in your "start" information at any time and back-guess to the correct April start mileage/KM if necessary.  Your information is not shared.   
You can get a "certificate" if you decide to set and reach a mileage goal or win your own inventive "contest".  When done, hit the SEND button below.  If you have a club code (because your club or organization is running a REAL contest), then enter that club code where noted.  

Right Now Fill In:

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Country/leave blank if US
US State/Residence
Zip/Postal Code    
Other Info: Want to "track" more than one bike?  Your start mileage is the total on the odometer of all those bikes.  So your end mileage is the end mileage total of odometer readings on all those bikes.  

Your e-mail address is your system ID.   We ask Name, State and Zip as these are useful should we need to retrieve your e-mail address.    Knowing your general location also means we can let you know of events in your area.   We will save your information and remind you next March to complete the form.

FYI ... The Raiders will be organizing three rides qualifying for "iron butt" certificates and more. These include from the MidAtlantic to Nova Scotia, from the MidWest to Montana, and from Southern California to Utah. Contact

                       Start Mileage/Kilometers
          Pick a mileage goal if you care too.   Total Miles/Kilometers You Hope To Ride
                                               Club Code    

                     Your Mileage Contest If You Care To Create One
You will ride more miles than anyone else: [e.g. hitting more towns that begin with the letter A]
                                                                     [e.g. to visit guys who create stupid mileage contests]
                     You have 90 spaces/letters below to describe your contest.  Have fun!
STOP:  Fill the rest out next year.   HIT the SEND Button ------->>    
                                                                                                          Have fun.  Ride smart.

At the end of the contest ONLY.
  Go up to the top of this form and put put in your name and EMAIL ADDRESS. Use the same email address you used when you first registered.  Then fill out the rest below at the end next year.  Hit SEND above.
                                           End Mileage/Kilometers
  Speedo Mileage All Bikes Added Up
                                TOTAL Miles/Kilometers Ridden Your End Mileage minus your Start Mileage
                                  Did you reach you mileage/KM goal? Yes  No