Raider Sport Touring

Founded by Dancin (Mileage Slave) Dave, the Raiders do only one thing together and that is RIDE.  This is a club that has no meetings, no Christmas Party, and no annual dues/fees.

Rides typically but not always include a 1,000 mile day to get to great riding roads.   Through arrangements with the Iron Butt Association riders wishing to get Iron Butt certificates can qualify via their ride with the Raiders.   Raiders will take care of all arrangements including transfer of certificates and pins.  There are standard fees per "certificate" ride to cover admin and IBA fees not to exceed $100 US which also includes all trip planning and hotel and other reservations.   Riders are responsible for their own hotel and other expenses but are assured that once they arrive at the starting point good food and lodging awaits and they will not be left stranded if they break down.

Rides this year include:  Virginia to Nova Scotia, Southern California to Utah, St. Louis to Montana.

You must be prepared to commit at least 4 days for a certificate run.   We ride fast but we ride safe.  If you are on a Raider Ride and exhibit poor riding skills, unsafe passing or other "weird" riding, or are a jerk, you'll be asked to get on down the road by yourself.  

Got the need for a Raider Road Rush?  Please contact Dancin' Dave at